The CSL Self-Reflection Tool

Looking at our School 2016: A Quality Framework is a set of standards for two dimensions of the work of schools: Teaching and Learning, and Leadership and Management.

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This self- reflection tool is focussing on these Leadership and Management standards. The tool will generate a graphic which will allow an individual or a team to identify strengths and areas for further leadership development.

The aim of this self-reflection tool is to generate professional discussion as a team or personal reflection as an individual as you undertake this process. The process is more important than the end result!

It does not have to be completed in one session and can be revisited over time in order to allow for rich professional conversations or personal reflection.

The tool will ask for your email address in order to track your navigation through the process and to deliver the final graphic and pdf output. Your data will be automatically erased after 2 years.

CSL will not have any access to your personal data at any stage in the process.

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